We premiered at the Reelworld Film Festival!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who came to our world premiere at the Paradise Theatre on Sunday, Oct. 24, 2021!

Our proud team: editor Hao Cheng, producer and writer Linda Dunlop, composer Rich Best, camera person Aline Le, director Jeanette Kong, motion graphic designer Gav Patel and camera person Christopher Yip were all in attendance.

Thanks also to Patrick Lee, Jeffery Kong, Brigitte and Carolyn Shim — who were featured in the film — along with many family and friends for attending the show.

We couldn’t have been more excited to see the film on the big screen. Our gratitude to the fantastic folks at Reelworld for making the event so special! Big shout-out to Tonya Williams, Hannah Yohannes, Safia Abdigir, Kafi Pierre and Marina Hanna for the introduction and Q&A.

Photos courtesy of David Ngo and Branson Manbodh, Reelworld Film Festival

The Paradise Theatre, Toronto, Oct 24, 2021.
Linda Dunlop, Ellie Joliat and Jeanette Kong celebrate at the Reelworld Film Festival.
Hao Cheng and Dva Liu get their photo taken.
Director’s Q&A with moderator Marina Hanna
Attentive audience
One last team photo